A drop of Monochromatic Color to your Home

Building a home is everybody’s dream. There will be a lot of things kept in mind while we think of an architectural design for our dream home. Many of the people are spendthrifts who does not actually care or understand the blend of colours despite being profligate riches. Some of them just trust the words of random interior designers that say they are good at what they do. Everything they would want is to showcase the money they own by spending on a lot of premium valuables.

But we must realize the fact that this level of extravagant interior decoration can be avoided if there are simpler methods in mind and finding out an interior decoration team who are a specialist in understanding your taste and help us with one of the finest creative home designs in Kerala. We must have to consider the availability of a lot of prolific and professional architect firms in Kochi and choose the right one to help to build our dream home. They must be researched and considered only if they have a great history in helping people build their dream by making a lot of creative home designs in Kochi. One such creative method is Monochromatising ones bedroom, or kitchen, dining room, hall, or the bathroom. Architects in Kochi along with the designers in Kochi team up with creativity and make the difference. This is nothing but using a blend of colors that are of the same wavelength. Interior designers in Kochi suggest that we must be adopting to use a single base color for the room, incorporating all or some tints, tones and shades of the main hue that is used within. A monochromatic color scheme in a room may bring a lot of attributes together. It brings elegance and a beautiful joy to one’s eyes with a touch of dramatic boldness, harmony and brings a peaceful balance to one’s heart.

Using a monochromatic color scheme is obscure so thus it is highly recommended so that people of all sorts can try it out in their own idea. Kochi interior designers point out the fact that when we choose a colour for a room, we must make sure that room does not get buried in the hollowness of the color. We could use white or black colors also along with the chosen main hue as it would give some space to rest for white or black in your room. Thus adding white or black would break the color flatness up and add some life to the room by pumping up energy to the color used. An illusion of space can be created if the shades used, tone and base hue is made effective and innovative .

This will bring perfection to smaller rooms and make it airy. Edges of components like furniture, fancy lighting or any other show piece in the room can also be softened by using variant monochromatic color values within the room which won’t make it look odd. We must include different patterns, something like mandala design or Arabic designs apart from making it plain and of the same color. This will increase the visual interest of whoever has their eyes attracted. Including furniture, rugs and cushions are the perfect thing to blend in attraction.

If you need to break the flat look of your decor, we need to add textures using monochromatic colors that are joyful for the eye. If there is uniqueness to be included, then we can have the cushions to be the same or similar color of the sofa but with a different texture .This will make it stand out as when the light falls on the sofa it will look differently when you compare the light falling on the cushions. The subtleness of the patterns and the precision of the color and design within the room will bring in a neutral energy making it unique. Limiting the color palette will give rise to new and open ideas bringing self-creativity to using colors at your own home. No need to match the color or contrast, instead be creative with the furniture, walls and any simple details that would make your home a unique piece of art.

This will avoid the confusion factor that comes when a lot of colors are used for a room. Applying monochromatic color scheme to the entire home can create harmony flowing around in each room. This does not confuse while walking from room to room. Monochrome has been popular among new designers especially designers in Kochi as it is a simpler way to get color schemes right. Thus we can say that using one single color can make a lot of difference giving birth to creativity.


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