Choosing the Perfect Design to Renovate your Home

After years of living in a home that was built by parents or elderly family members, especially in a city like Kochi, people think of adding a drop of fresh designer look by seeking help from a suitable interior designer around Kochi to remodel their home instead of demolishing it to build a new architecture.

Remodelling is nothing but reworking on an existing home or structure with an urge to make it look better by improving the design, shape or size of the structure or making it better with an add on to it. Grasping ideas relating to a prospective home remodelling must be thoroughly made through proper design and designer research to compare about the cost and estimates, efficiency of the current structure so that we can understand if the current structure can withstand any changes to the design or architectural structure. If this step is not followed, then everything will not be adhesive. Remodelling is same as renovating a house. We must form a coalition with those having feasible ideas to help renovate our home. Before selecting the tiles and cabinets for kitchen, we must choose what suits us the best.

Few of the important designs one can choose to make their home a better look are given below:Traditional Designs are the commonly used designs for bathrooms and kitchen from such a long time. The appearance looks timeless and thus it will never be out of trend. This traditional appearance gives us a reselling advantage in the future. Cabinets have a color that matches the entire theme of the home or left as it is with a wood finish. Floor is made of tiles that are less expensive and counter tops are made of granite or less expensive materials that looks similar to granite. Similar will the walls of the bath tub and shower, everything used will be having a simple and normal look.Modern Design gives a first impression with stainless steel kitchen items, other utensils and surfaces with a modern look. The bathroom with a trendy modern adaptation must have a unique looking mixer and bathtub. The materials chosen must have a modern look rather than a typical usual traditional look. A fine chrome finish, rock textured concrete work, stained or etched glass with an abstract machine touch to the tiles makes it more contemporary and modern. Such interior designs are always in demand, not only in Kochi, but all over India.

Transitional Designs are a combination of traditional and modern designs are transitional to the taste and preference of one. Transitional designs are apt for remodelling kitchen designs. Upgrading a traditional kitchen with stainless steel counter tops and other utensils, along with usage of traditional looking tiles for the walls and marbles for the floor is a fine example for transitional designs.In Cottage designs, Kerala designers will be bringing up fanciful and unique ideas so that these kind of homes stand out vibrantly. These designs are diverse and whimsical with the colors rather than being neutral. If one is looking for a design that has an environment of an old feel surrounding him then this is the perfect choice to build your home in Kerala. In this type everything used might or might not be old but the attire provided will be specifically vintage just to give that old look .Old styled claw foot bath tub is popular in these type of designs. Juxtaposition is another idea that can be used with the architectural combination of two structures that are placed nearby. This will give both the structures a contrast look and make it stand out and unique.This Spa design is fantastic if remodelling your home, needs a theme inclusion of Zen accents. You might want to include a bonsai plant and a Zen rock garden. It is common to see a high end bath tub, a luxury shower stall and a comfortable place to sit and meditate which makes it a perfect spa design. Adjustable lights that suit a variety of moods are popularly used in these type of designs. There might also be a special compartment for stereo system that are away from water.

After calculating the basic things of remodelling your home, other ideas would come easily to your mind, the room interior design must be flawless and integrated well for the completion of its works. So while choosing a home design to renovate, one must have an estimated budget he can spend, so accordingly he can choose the design and the materials he would like to add on.


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