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Landscaping is one of the important features that help in creating wonderful living spaces. It serves the purpose of recreation by refreshing the body and mind. Spending some time in our garden helps us in releasing our mind from work stress and bad mood swings. Landscaping also builds up the aesthetical value and gives a posture to the building .It also helps in maintaining the thermal condition in our surroundings creating a micro climate. Now days there are wide varieties of features and objects that can be used in making landscaping more aesthetically pleasing. Some of the features that can be used in landscaping which could lift up the value are: Modern landscaping is known for its streamlined aesthetic and sleek sophisticated style. Overall the garden will feel controlled and organized. The focus is heavier on hardscape and structures than it is on plants. Plants are usually selected according to their shape and texture. Pops of colour are then added with furniture cushions, planters or a painted wall. Sustainable Landscape The environment is facing a hard time, in which we hold a major hand in making it so, to make it better certain measures are to be taken. One of the way is by adopting sustainable landscape, this aims to minimize both the inputs of resources and the output of waste in our land. Landscaping could be done in a way that it controls soil erosion, there are certain strategies that could be applied in our land. One of the way is by creating lawns, which serves as a protection layer of bed on your land, forming a framework of pathways and patios, lawn landscaping also plays a major role, both aesthetically and functionally. Many of you are stuck in designing a landscape just because your land is contour, well this is not gonna stop you from making up your space beautiful, there are many ways that you can make up your landscape even without destroying the existing contour or the vegetation. One way of doing it is by creating it into levels and creating retaining walls, like if the land is having up’s and down’s you could create certain series of levels which blend in with the space. A retaining wall is a structure that holds soil on one side and is free standing on the other. It help to accommodate changes in a landscape even if the land is of uneven topography and it also helps to prevent soil erosion.


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