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Interior Courtyard-Natural Touch of Togetherness

A house is a feeling of togetherness immersed in love. It exhibits a strongrelationship with nature in each corner of it. Nature provides us everything for ahouse and its gifted presence transforms a concrete building into a livingexperience – a complete house. We build a house by putting our dreams, efforts,money and time and finally it brings back the happiness as a gift. Exterior as wellas the interior of a house plays decisive roles in designing a dream come truehome. Architects derive ideas and themes from the nature and build a house withthe help of nature itselfCourtyard is a gift of nature where life exists in all means. From the beginning tothe end of the construction of a house, nature indirectly involves in the process.Nature contributes and interior designers creates beautiful inner world in anatural way. Variations in designs end in elegant natural spaces. In earlier days,they gave special attention to create natural spaces inside a house. They knew thevalue and support of nature in their life. This generation realizes the relevance ofthis nature and started giving priority for nature and finds spaces for this naturalgift.Creation of a courtyard is creating nature inside our house. In this design we canwitness the plant varieties, designed stones, sunlight, stone sidings etc whichmakes this courtyard a major attraction of this house. The word natural is worthfor this design since interior designer used everything here in its innate mode.Flooring, different plants, wooden seats, ventilation etc helped in making thiscourtyard an excellent replica of nature outside. View of this courtyard retains thespot found in environment with all elements in its original stance.This private outdoor space offers many favours to us which directly or indirectlydrive our life. Courtyard replaces many things like space separator, connectingspaces and provides natural ventilation, light, cooling effect, refreshing view ofnature and thus creates a cosy environment. This innate space can regulate theinterior atmosphere of a house with positive energy. One can sense the freshnessof nature from this green arena. Courtyard can cater the natural feel throughsunlight, plants, stones arranged there. This can be an area of divine presence inthe midst of other fabricated spaces. Energy flow in a house can be controlledthrough this space.Interior courtyard in a house can be furnished with natural plants, designedstones, water, grass flooring, stone sidings etc. Position of plants, lighting, seats,ventilation etc got essential roles in creating and maintaining this area. Choice ofplants shows the diversity of nature and its arrangement gives life to thatatmosphere. Interior designers observe nature and they finds the space inside ahouse for implementing those ideas derived from nature. Their observations areclearly reflected on each element and this variation along with natural touchcreates a perfect interior courtyard. Since this area creates a positive mood in ourhouse we can call it as the divine space of a house. Nowadays our architectsinclude an interior courtyard in every plan due to its excessive importance.Courtyard should exhibits the nature in all means, and then only lives inside ahouse get the same feel. Influence of nature is becoming more important thesedays and constructional processes give priority to nature in its everydevelopment. Exterior and interior of a house is connected in every aspect andthey are equally important in designing without losing the authenticity. It’s ourresponsibility to invite nature to our life since it is the first and only reason for ourexistence.


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