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How to Protect your Home in this Monsoon

In our country, we experience ample rainfall during the monsoon season. This season makes you prudent in taking special care of your house, to keep it well protected, safe, hygienic and clean. Here are some details you should be aware and take care Cracks and damages in tiles will cause water oozing. Proper examination to be done, to find the damages, to avoid the water seepage as it may cause the concrete to expand and leads to the lifting of tiles or major cracks on tiles. Make sure there is no leakage or crack in roof and terrace before rain hits to avoid running water on the walls. If cracks appear immediately apply a waterproof coating on it. Cleaning rainwater pipes and other plumbing lines in once in a while help smooth drainage of rainwater and help to avoid any blocks or overflows. Waterproof paint with water sealant which acts as the protective layer is advisable is on concrete walls. Right paint in the right manner is an important one house. External paint can prevent rainwater from seeping through walls and protects the wall from heavy downpours. Door and windows should be painted with good quality paint to avoid rusting and prevent rainwater from seeping through metal-framed doors and windows. Wooden doors and windows need to be fixed properly to avoid swelling during the rainy season. All electrical switched, especially the external switches need to be checked by an electrician to see if they are exposed to rain. Such connections should be covered to safeguard from short-circuit or electric shock. Repairing all damaged electrical cords during monsoon can ensure a safe environment at home. High humidity during monsoon can be solved by ventilators which help in curbing dampness in high humid areas and ensure a humidity-free healthy environment there. Insect prevention to be done for furniture, wooden doors and windows, cupboards and other wood finishes as it can get damages or musty due to termite infest or fungus. You can get help from a professional or adhere to natural ways to get rid of them and keep your house clean throughout the wet season. Monsoon means minimal sunlight, so let your interior be moist free during this rainy season. Replace all heavy summer drapes with lacy translucent curtains to get as much sunlight as you can. Humid and wet ambiance not only creates foul odor but also damage wall hangings and furniture.


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