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Feng Shui - Brings Harmony to your Home

Feng shui, a 5000 year Chinese culture followed and considered when building homes. It has been a viable culture that has been prevailed around the world for quite some time and is also used by Architects in Kochi. The impulse created is on a rise and people have been prioritizing homes that follows a Feng shui culture. They consider it an important and integral part as people these days have been asking for homes that follow Fengshui as there would not be an entangled life at home. Thus, when Fengshui is an adjunct to one’s life, it brings peace and happiness filled positive energy at their home. Feng means wind and Shui means water. They say that these wind and water are associated with bringing good life, good health and good fortune to the people who live in their space. Bad Fengshui means bad luck to the owner of the house. Architects in Kochi are well aware of the culture and the structures built are vibrantly designed, with attractive and innovative ideas added to every square meter of the design. Bringing positive energy through Fengshui is considered eminent even in this modern world. Bringing Positive energy to a home is like a spectrum of colors. Every color must fall in place, perfect and clean to make it look beautiful. Let’s consider the following points for Benefiting positive energy through the application of Fengshui by the Architects of Kochi. Front door: The architects in Kochi says that the front door of a house represents wealth in Fengshui. Positive vibes are attracted to the door only when there are a plant and light that falls on or around the door. Shrubs or evergreen plants are considered as the perfect one. Hallway: The hall is considered as 'opportunities in' according to the Fengshui culture. There must be circulation of energy in the pathway and thus we must keep a hallway that is free from scattered or cluttered objects that drop the level of positivity. Coats and shoes must be kept inside a closed cupboard so the positivity does not stagnate. Fresh flowers lift the energy inside a room. So, placing a beautiful mirror and fresh flowers in your space will drive in positivity from chi energy. Kitchen: This being the vital part of bringing positive vibes amount the occupants its energy is considered bringing nourishment and relationship harmony. The Architects in Kochi points out that placing the sink and cooker in an opposite direction will bring the dispute between couples, like the water and fire clash. Too much black and red are to be at a minimal. A cooker must not be placed under the window or directly opposite to the kitchen or the front door. Living room: The furniture kept must be in a proportion to the living space available. The door must not be blocked by any kind of furniture or other objects. Sofas must be kept against the wall that provides support to the occupants. The architects in Kochi rely on the fact that a lamp must be kept on the corner of the room diagonally opposite to the door of the room. This will help activate the wealth energy. Dining room: The dining room is considered as the spleen in a human body wherein traditional Chinese medicine is concerned with digestion. Placing a mirror on the wall and place fresh flowers on the table will optimize positive vibes. Bedroom: If you are looking for a good night sleep, then make sure the bedrooms are pale hued and headboards positioned against the wall. The bed must be in line with the door and there must be a side table on either side of the bed to provide support. Architects suggest that Placing curvy lamps and light fragrances lamps will add spark to romantic energy. Bathroom: This is the most important place that requires cleanliness. Here the door must be kept closed always along with the toilet lid. This will help us to not drain our wealth. Wealth draining can be slowed when introducing a plant which is considered ideal. Garden: Front garden means it’s our future. So, it must be kept clean and tidy by planting flowers to make it more beautiful. The walls or fences must also be kept clean.


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